Tired of false advertisements ?
I made the actual puzzle game from all those ads.

No Forced Ads

Focus was put in more on the gameplay rather than Ads. So, NO forced Ads in this game.

Over 120+ Puzzles

Over 120+ Puzzles planned. Lot of effort has been put in to make a game with varied mechanics .

False Ads

I hated those false Ads and they are ruining mobile market with scrap like that. I wanted people to choose what they want.


The game has "moving pins" only to a certain extent. We made tremendous effort to make various other mechanics like chains, ropes, doors, enemies, pulley systems, robotic hinges, weighted pulleys, and ragdoll physics.


The Kingdom of Jagat is thrown into chaos when its treasure goes missing overnight. Princess is now determined to uncover the cause and recover the stolen valuables, sets out on a quest. While searching through the forest, she comes across a strange sight: a time rift opening up, and a peculiar spaceship emerging from it. Upon further investigation, she discovers that the ship has crashed and its parts are scattered throughout the kingdom. As she investigates, she meets the hero of the story, who has been trapped in a space-time warp during a battle on his own planet. Together, the princess and the hero become friends and embark on a journey to retrieve the treasure and the missing ship parts. But their quest is not without obstacles. An evil goblin has been collecting the ship's components and using them to build torture devices, terrorizing the kingdom and anyone who dares to enter his lair. Can the princess and the hero overcome the challenges and defeat the goblin, saving the kingdom and its treasure once and for all?